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10 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Hindu Traditions

Updated on 26 February, 2018 at 8:05 pm By


Every culture has their own set of rules and traditions to be followed. In general, people incorporate those traditional or religious rules without knowing the reason why they were created in the first place. Though we have freedom to follow a tradition or not, if we look deeper, there has to be a reason behind it. So let us take a look at such traditions:

1. Namaste (or Namaskar)


Joining both palms together to greet is gesture which marks respect, reverence and love for the person you greet. In yoga this gesture is called Anjali mudra. It is a well know fact that tips of the fingers are major energy points. When we bring together the palms of our fingers linking the tips of our fingers than the nerve circuits of the brain are linked to those of the upper body. A feeling of calmness and well being immediately descends.

2. Ringing of the bell


Traditional Indian worship always started with the ringing of the bell. The temple bell was beautifully crafted object made of an amalgam of several metals including zinc, copper, bronze, cadmium and many other alloys. The quantity of each metal was based on very accurate scientific calculation. When the bell was rung, there was a resonation which created an immediate harmony between the right and left lobes of the brain. The echo lasted 7 seconds touching the seven chakras of the body. The sound of the bell created an instant calm increasing the powers of concentration helping you to focus on the higher. Well designed temple bell can also produce the sound OM.

3. Silk clothing during pooja


Silk had the capacity to attract and absorb electro magnetic energy. The constant friction between body and the cloth created an electro magnetic attraction. When the devotee did pooja wearing silk clothes there was instant absorption of energy created which was then transmitted to the devotee creating a feeling of instant calm. The silk also prevented loss of that energy thereby leading to increased concentration.

4. Married women applying sindoor on their forehead


The sindoor is made up of a mixture of lime, turmeric and mercury. Mercury helped to decrease blood pressure and also enhances the sexual drive. Hence widows were not allowed to use sindoor. Mercury also helped to bring down the feelings of stress and strain. For best results sindoor was used all the way from the forehead right down to the pituitary glands, to seat of all thoughts and emotions.

5. Wearing bangles


It is said that the tinkle of a bangle in a house keep the negative at bay. Ancient Ayurveda stated that the bones of the women were weaker than those of men. Bangles are traditionally made of gold and silver. There metals helped to absorb energy, which was then transmitted to body improving physiological functioning. Also the pulse, which was felt at the wrist area, was used to diagnose several major ailments. The constant friction between the bangles and the wrist area ensured good blood circulation. Again, the energy, which was released by the skin, was absorbed by the metals in the bangle and returned to the body.

6. Toe ring


Wearing toe ring not just indicates the marital status of the women, it also has a scientific reason. Toe rings were made of silver and worn on the second toe. It is well known fact there is a nerve which starts from this toe, goes to the uterus and than to the hearth. By wearing toe rings good circulation was ensured thereby strengthening the uterus. The menstrual cycle was also regulated ensuring speedy conception. Also, silver is known to be good conductor. Silver absorbs energy from the earth and passes it on the body rejuvenating the entire system.

7. Turmeric is considered holy


Turmeric is the important part of all Indian cuisines. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. All curry powders in India contains turmeric. Turmeric has been used widely in traditional Indian medicines through the centuries. Turmeric helps cure diseases like cancer, Alzhaimer’s, diabetes and arthritis.

8. Pronunciation of OM


The chanting of OM helps the mind to calm down. OM is considered as the primordial sound of the universe- the first sound. This universal sound is combination of three syllables A, U, M. When we pronounce OM, as we say A the lower portions of the body upto the stomach are activated. AS we say U the chest area is activated. With M the face and the brain gets activated. Chanting OM thoughts reduce and there is an instant feeling of peace and calm.

9. Sitting on floors to eat


In many parts of India, people ate their meals seated cross legged on the floor. By sitting in “Sukhasana” as this posture was called, the body gets relaxed, thus making it ready for the digestive process. Also the constant movement of bending forward and straightening up made sure that digestive juices were released enhancing speedy digestion. While sitting and getting up, made joints more flexible removing ailments like arthritis.

10. Starting with spice and ending with sweet


It is well know that when we take spicy foods the body secretes digestive juices and acids which enhance the digestive process. Sweets contain a lot of carbohydrates which make for sluggish digestion. Also the intake of sugar enhances the absorption of amino acids tryptophan. Tryptophan increases the levels of seratonin a neuro transmitter associated with the feeling of well being. This was the rationale behind Indian ancestor’s stressing that every meal should start with spicy foods and end with sweets.


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