Interesting Things Science Says About Siblings That You Will Agree With

10:00 am 9 Nov, 2018


What are siblings? The shameless brand of people who steal your charger, food, and other stuff without a second thought! Anyone who has a sibling will certainly agree with it. Annoying and frustrating, we are forced to stay with them under one roof. Having said that, there is also no doubt that our love for these annoying people is boundless. Yes, siblings are those whom we hate at times but love always.

Upon some digging, we realized that the way we behave with our siblings is also backed by science. Hence, here are some scientific facts that will surprise you.


1. Let’s talk about the fight




Though our parents stay highly frustrated with the bickering and nagging but fights between the siblings is completely natural. In fact, during a research conducted by Cambridge University, it was established that fighting helps a person grow both mentally and emotionally. Who knew the daily ka ladai with your bro or sis is actually helping you for good!


2. The older the better?



There are studies that have shown the younger sibling is always born with a higher IQ. However, by the time they grow up, the elder sibling gains the IQ advantage. Wondering how? In their journey of becoming the perfect example for the younger one, the elder siblings often get a better grasp at understanding. Alongside their, thought process also undergoes a significant development.


3. Parents always pick a side



Did you mom and dad tell you that they love you both equally? Of course, they are lying silly! Research reveals that parents always show a preference of one child over another. Whose favorite are you?


4. The rebels with or without cause



In a study conducted by Leiden University in the Netherlands, it was observed that the younger siblings tend to grow up rebellious and aggressive than the older one. This has a very simple yet fascinating explanation. The younger one always feels the need to stand up to their elder bro or sis in order to make sure that they are noticed by their parents. Hence, they pick up a stubborn nature with the tendency to rebel at most of the causes.


5. Crisis strengthens the bond



When faced with an emotional crisis like divorce or loss of parents, then the bond between the siblings often tends to strengthen. The older ones are often seen to take the place of the parent for the younger one.

Yes, there are times they get on their nerves and we mumble harmless curses for them but nothing is more comforting that knowing that you have a person who has always got your back.



What are you waiting for? Go and give a tight hug to your sis or bro now!