The Science Behind Why We Ring A Bell In A Temple

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Have  you ever wondered why we ring a bell before entering a temple or while praying? It is not just out of ritual but it has a scientific explanation to it.

Most of the old temples have a large bell at the entrance of the temple, it is popularly believed that since you are entering God’s home, you need to ring a bell just as someone would do when they are at your doorstep.

Bells at entrance of Hindu temple. Wikimedia Commons



It is said that when you ring a bell, you awaken the gods. The ringing of the bell produce an auspicious sound “Om” which is the universal name of the lord. It fills the mind with peace and reminds you of the persuasive power of nature (sarva-vyaapi). 

The moment the bell rings, your mind is emptied of all thoughts and you enter a state of trance, where you are receptive. The bell works as an anti-dote to the chaos of your mind. It helps you cool down and prepare for spiritual awareness when you enter the temple.

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The ringing of the bell produces a sharp but longing effect. The vibration or echo lasts for seven seconds which is long enough to touch seven healing centers of your body (chakras).

A bell is made of elements such as cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese. Each of these metals is mixed in scientific proportion and then it is tested on the shrillness of the sound it makes.

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Also, on ringing of the bell, a sound is produced that has soothing and calming effect on the brain. The left and right side of the brain work in union then.

The sharp sound of the bell clears our mind of any negative thought s. Bells and other instruments, like cymbals, have been used by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and the Chinese since time immemorial, for similar reasons.

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It is culturally believed that as per the Agama Sastra, ringing a bell in temples prevents evil spirits, namely Yaksha, Paisasa, Rakshasa and Brahmarakshasa, from entering the temple.

There is also a mythological story behind ringing of the bells, read it here.



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