Accurate Prediction Made In 1999 By This Popular Sci-Fi Writer Is Downright Spooky!

4:33 pm 30 Mar, 2018

Popular for his original episode of “Star Trek”, David Gerrold is an American science fiction screenwriter and novelist. Winner of Hugo and Nebula awards, he made his fame with exceptional writing skills.



Recently a tweet from tech editor Esther Schindler went viral. Why? It showcased a magazine clipping of an article by David Gerrold from 1999. There he predicted about a future device – Smartphone, and it’s eerily accurate! He predicted very specific details adding the temptation of such an invention and how it will invade our privacy. Read here:




People on Twitter were impressed by his precise prediction. Here are some of the tweets:





However, this is not the first time when someone from the past made such an accurate prediction. Douglas Adams, in his science-fiction books, made quite a few. Also, not to forget Nikola Tesla’s prediction about wireless communication. Here’s what he said:




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