10 Schools In Himachal That Are More than 100 Years Old

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4:55 pm 4 May, 2018


Himachal is synonymous with good schools, many of which are over a century old. Credit needs to be given to the British and the erstwhile Royalty, who laid down the solid foundations of these educational institutions.

Here is a list of schools, which are more than a century old and still going strong in Himachal.

1. Government Vijay Senior Secondary School, Mandi

This school needs no introduction for the people of Mandi. It was established in 1866 by His Highness Raja Bijai Sen.


The school was given its present name in 1986, after a new wing for Senior Secondary classes was added to it.



The school has over the years produced many successful personalities from its folds.

2. Auckland House School, Shimla

The school was founded in 1868, with just 32 pupils, headed by Mrs. Mackinnon. Over the years, the school has maintained its high standards and come to be regarded as a premier institution in the region.

It is the 1st Girl School in the country to have introduced Scuba Diving.


When you talk of Auckland House, you assume discipline and decorum as its core values.


3. Army Public School, Dagshai

Located in one of the most picturesque mountains in the state, this old and prestigious school was founded in 1847, by the East India Company.



It is ranked high in the top most boarding schools of India.


If you want your children to grow up to become brave and sound citizens of this country, send them here.

4. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Chelsea, Shimla

Founded in 1864, by Mother St. Lewis Gonzaga, it was initially an orphanage for the children of British soldiers.


It is one of the most popular girl schools in Shimla and till some time ago, it also had boarding facilities.




Chelseaites are known to be confident, smart and fine young women, ready to go places.


5. Government Senior Secondary School, Lalpani, Shimla

A few will be surprised to see GSSS on this list, as not many know that the school was founded way back in 1848. Today, it is a government run school. The school has produced a long list of achievers in almost every field.


6. Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla

The school is run by Loreto Education Society; it was established in 1892 by missionary nuns. It belongs to the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, founded by Mary Ward in the 16th century.


The exceptional results of this essentially girl school, speak volumes on its high standards of education.


Justice, freedom and love are the essential qualities that this schools hopes to engrain in each student.

7. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

BCS – as it is fondly called – is one of the oldest boarding schools for boys in Asia. Founded in 1859, it is an absolute honor for parents to get the opportunity to get their children admitted to this school.

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The school has produced innumerable ambassadors, judges, defense personnel and politicians. Cottonians have been spreading cheer in all parts of the world.


8. The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Located in the Kasauli Hills, it is one of the Asia’s oldest and most respected boarding schools.


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The school is popularly called as Sanawar. The location at 1750 meters with spectacular natural beauty all around, makes for the most charged environment for excellence. The school was established in 1847.

It is an absolute honor to get admission in this school. The list of successful alumni who have made the school proud is so long that we would have to write another post on it.

9. Gorton Mission School, Kotgarh

This missionary school that has been running despite all odds was established in 1844. Since then the monks and the nuns have setting fine examples of service to community here. They have been imparting education to the children of the surrounding areas. It has come to be respected as a beacon of hope and light for the children in the hills.


10. Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Dalhousie

Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Dalhouise was started in 1901, by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM).


What began as a congregation in Belgium in 1803 spread its wings far and wide, through several countries across Asia, Africa & United Kingdom. Presently, there are 400 SCJM’s residing and serving across India, with their school in Dalhousie, considered to be amongst the best in Himachal and the country.