Despite Rampant Cases Of Child Abuse In India, This School Van Driver Sets A Great Example Of Affection For Children

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3:08 pm 6 Dec, 2017


The number of child abuse cases has seen a continuous rise throughout the country with the Kolkata child sex assault case being the latest one. In such a scenario if you hear that someone risked his life to save the school going kids then surely the story is a source of great inspiration for everyone.

On December 5, in the Narayanpur area of Jashpur district of Chhatisgarh, a van carrying more than a dozen students of Harish English Medium School was on its way to the rural area. The school van was driven by 30-year old Shiv Yadav.

Shiv Yadav lied in front of the van to save more than a dozen children.  Jagran

The driver stopped the vehicle on a roadside in order to relieve himself. Just then, the children seated inside put the vehicle gear on neutral, after which the van started moving on a steep downward slope. The driver saw the vehicle moving and rushed to stop the vehicle from the front to save life of all the children seated inside it.

School van of Harish English Medium School, Narayanpur.  Jagran

All those seated inside the vehicle started shouting out of fear. The vehicle could not be stopped from the front even after several attempts. It was after this that Yadav decided to lay down in front of the van. The front tyres of the van climbed over his body and it eventually stopped.


As this happened, the female staff member seated inside the van as well as the passers-by got active. Collectively, they controlled the van by placing stones around its tyres.

Shiv Yadav saved lives of these children.  Jagran


Van driver Shiv Yadav was taken out from beneath the vehicle and admitted to a nearby hospital with the help of school staff. Nai Duniya reports that Yadav has faced severe injuries in his back and is still in a serious condition.

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