A Government School For Girls In Madhya Pradesh Conducts Classes On The Roof Of A Public Toilet

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11:55 am 17 Jul, 2017


The government might be making all sorts of policies, or boast of taking all necessary steps to improve the state of education in the country, but the ground reality appears to be something different altogether, at least in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh.

A shocking report of students of a girls’ primary school (situated on Quila Road) on the roof of a public toilet has come to light. The picture of the same was posted on a Facebook page named ‘Sheopur News & Views’ in which girls could be seen sitting and studying on the roof of a public toilet in which two men were urinating.

Students of a government girls school study on the roof of a public toilet Facebook


The picture went viral in no time and created a stir in the administration. This led the district education officer, Ajay Katiyar, to form a team for investigation. Community school co-ordinator (CSC), Mukesh Kushwah, led the team that also comprised CSC Bhavna Sharma and Ranswaroop Mahor.

Upon reaching the school and interacting with the school principal, Ashok Shivhare, the team was told that the school has only 2 rooms in which 180 students are made to sit and study every day.

Two classes are organized in the gallery that lies in the backyard of the school. This helps to overcome the lack of space and save the children from sunlight.

The principal, however, says that he is unaware of the fact that children were made to sit and study on the roof of a public toilet which is adjoining the school premise.

The investigation team is yet to submit its report, only after which some action will be taken by the administration but the picture reveals much of the story and also the deplorable condition of government-run schools in the country, despite the government making all sorts of policies and allocating crores of rupees to education in the budget every year!

Here is a screenshot of the Facebook post by Sheopur News& Views

Screenshot of Facebook post by Sheopur News &Views