In A School Of Ambala, Haryana, The National Flag Was Hoisted By A Monkey

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5:01 pm 16 Aug, 2017


There are a number of tales about monkeys doing what they see. Well! This does not seem to be the case with this monkey who hoisted the national flag in a government school of Ambala city of Haryana.

This year, the entire nation was excited as India completed 70 years of independence, but a monkey turned out to be an uninvited guest at a government school in Ambala, Haryana, as it unfurled the national flag fastened on the terrace of the school. Perhaps, it too was thrilled for the celebrations of the country’s day of independence.

Monkey unfolding the national flag on terrace of school NavbharatTimes


The monkey did the honors of hoisting the national flag on the Independence Day of India before the principal or the chief guest at the celebrations in this school of Ambala could. And while the monkey unfolded the flag, the students and teachers could not do anything much besides being spectators and giggling at the sight. And the monkey wasn’t present there alone but was accompanied by one of his peers who too enjoyed the show.


On Tuesday, the national flag was hoisted all across the country where different people unfurled it in different ways including a Member of Parliament unfurling the flag upside down. But this unfolding of the national flag by a monkey was the most bizarre of all.

Click here to watch the video of monkey unfurling the flag on the terrace of the government school in Ambala.



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