Ever Wondered Why School Buses Are Always Of Yellow Color? There Is A Significant Reason Behind It!

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8:15 am 15 May, 2018


Considering the mediocre state of road safety and rising incidents of child abuse in the country, most of us regard school buses as the safest mode of transport for children to and from the schools. But have we ever noticed that all the school buses are of yellow color? Yes, all school buses uniformly are of yellow color, not only in India but many other parts of the world including the USA. In fact, the yellow color used on school buses has a name for it- National School Bus chrome yellow or highway yellow, and it is not just for making them look beautiful but also for matter of safety. Let us know how!




Red is the color with maximum wavelength and therefore, is clearly visible from distance. But since red color is known to be linked with caution, hence, it wouldn’t be a good option to paint school buses in red.



Actually, Yellow is the color that is known to grab attention faster than any other color. In fact, scientifically, yellow color’s lateral peripheral vision is 1.24 times greater than red.



So, if there is any kind of bad weather condition or fog, drivers would still be able to see yellow vehicles moving on the road quite easily. This makes spotting the school buses that are of yellow color easy, hence preventing mishaps with them on roads.




It is for this reason that even the Supreme Court of India has ruled that the body of school buses should be of “highway yellow” color. Apart from the restriction on color, the apex court of the country has imposed a number of other restrictions for school transport vehicles which can be read here.

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