This Government Schoolboy’s Uniform Tore, What He Did Will Make You Sympathize With Him

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12:00 pm 18 Apr, 2017

In an era when children are running away from schools, a boy studying at a government school has done otherwise.

Shatrughan Nishad, a class six student studying at the government school in Mogriya village in Banda district, buttoned up his school uniform’s shirt using a lock.


The government distributes free uniforms to students studying in government schools and Nishad got his uniform issued last year. However, limited financial capacity of the family did not permit him to buy another set. He has been wearing the same set since last year. When the button of his shirt fell, he used a lock to button it up.

Nishad said that he did this because the school teacher punished students who did not dressed properly for school. Social activist, Ashish Sagar, commented that the government issues lacs of uniforms every year. Despite that, not all students get uniforms.

This story clearly shows the massive failure of ‘Sarv Sikhsha Abhiyan’ of the government. The dilapidated school buildings, incompetent teachers, high school drop out rates, lack of hygienic mid day meals and failure to provide facilities paints a rather gray picture. Nishad’s innocence coupled with the grit to attend the school at all costs, speaks highly of the boy’s love for education. We believe that it is this determination and courage to fight all odds that will someday make Nishad a good citizen.



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