27 Scary Photos That Have Ghostly Presences In Them

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 8:20 pm

Are there ghosts? Inter-dimensional beings? Let these photos help you make up your mind:


1. I wonder why the child on the right is crying?

ghost 1


2. Looks like someone else wanted to have a photo taken too.

ghost 2


3. The man was supposedly alone when this photo was taken.

ghost 3


4. There’s a weird fade in this pic.

ghost 4


5. Is that smoke or a face?

ghost 5


6. Are there four children or five?

ghost 6


7. These travelers noticed something strange on the side of the road.

ghost 7


8. Nature photographer captured something unnatural.

scary 8


9. Are those hands?

ghost 9


10. A weird misty presence in an abandoned building.

ghost 10


11. A crash site gets a other-worldly visitor.

ghost 11


12. On closer inspection, someone is clearly visible.

ghost 12


13. The attic isn’t as abandoned as it seems.

ghost 13


14. Something hovers around that window.

ghost 14


15. A ‘man’ is seen calmly walking in front of a train.

ghost 15


16. A ‘boy’ walks up dilapidated stairs.

ghost 16


17. The girl in the photo was identified as Mary Lee, a former patient at Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

ghost 17


18. Sometimes spirits really want to be seen.

ghost 18


19. Looks like someone can’t wait to drive a fire truck.

ghost 19


20. Apparently, this man was alone when the photo was taken.

ghost 20


21. This bar doesn’t stay empty even after hours.

ghostly 21


22. Someone is watching what’s going on.

ghost 22


23. Looks like a little girl wants to join the Christmas fun.

ghost 23


24. A forest stealth cam caught something strange.

ghost 24


25. Another misty apparition.

ghost 25


26. A girl seems to be looking in through the door.

ghost 26


27. This lighthouse isn’t all that abandoned.

ghost 27


Via ebaumsworld.