Some Data About World Population, That Will Make You Reconsider Conceiving A Child

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5:10 pm 23 Nov, 2015

After reading Dan Brown’s latest book, The Inferno, I was intrigued by some of the data that the author had mentioned.

Brown discusses about the problem of world’s ‘overpopulation and explosion’ in his book, and how it is increasing at an alarming rate.

While the book is based on fiction, I thought the topic was something worth looking into, even though experts have called it a ‘myth.’ Here is some data:

The rate at which the world population is increasing, according to World O Meters:

world population

The rate at which the population increases everyday and every year:

daily increase in population

The rate at which the population in many countries is increasing:

world population by country

The rate at which India’s population is increasing:


How the world population has increased over the centuries:

The world population has hit the 7 Billion mark in the year 2011 and will hit the 8 Billion mark in 2024.

According to the United Nations, the World will hit the 10 Billion mark sometime in 2056 at the current rate.

On the plus side, even with constant increase in the amount of people in the world, the annual growth rate is on a decline and is projected to continue to do so in the coming years.

Furthermore, the population growth rate will be less than 0.5 per cent by 2050 and will be below 1 per cent by 2020.

India too is keeping up with the above trend, though it still remains at the second position in population rankings.

But, while the population growth rate is finally under control, the big question is has it been done in time. If not, then what’s the way out?

For updated population data, and to see the current world population clock check Worldometers.


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