Supreme Court Stays The Order Of J&K High Court Allowing People To Carry Outside Food In Cinema Halls

4:51 pm 12 Aug, 2018


After Maharashtra government’s decision to allow cinemagoers to carry outside food into the multiplexes and cinema halls has become quite the hot topic these days, many states in the country are discussing over the implications of this policy. The debate ignited due to the PIL filed by an Indian citizen questioning the hefty prices of the food inside the cinema halls which in fact many times is even more than the price of the movie tickets.

While some states including Andhra Pradesh has permitted the moviegoers to carry outside food into the theatre, there are many states which are still progressing into the matter. Apparently, Jammu and Kashmir High Court also directed the owners of the multiplexes/cinema halls in the state to allow the moviegoers to bring outside food inside the theatres. But in a shocking turn of events, Supreme Court of India put the order of the Jammu & Kashmir High Court on stay.




Surprisingly, the apex court stayed the order of the High Court on the ground of the Multiplex Association of India that stated that they are not allowing outside food in cinema halls due to ‘security issues’. Lawyers of the Multiplex Association of India claimed that the cinema halls could not scan what the moviegoers will be carrying inside the halls, minutes before screening the movie and this can pose as a security threat.



Lawyers even exclaimed that any suspicious person can take a bomb inside the theatre hiding it in the food and this can result in heavy casualties. And it seems like following this argument, the Supreme Court ordered a stay on the High Court’s directive allowing outside food in Jammu and Kashmir theatres.

The state is already going through a military crisis for a long period of time now. While the state High Court issued a statement not to prohibit the cinemagoers from carrying water and food inside the cinema halls, this contrary statement can lead to more controversies.



While supporting the audiences’ rights, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir said:

“Such kinds of acts on the part of Multiplex/Cinema Hall owners are against the right to choice of food and right to good health, which comes under the purview of Article 21 of the Constitution of India guaranteeing protection of life and personal liberty of every citizen.”



In other news, Bombay High Court is also dealing with a similar situation in which the High Court has asked the Maharashtra government to explain how outside food can become a matter of security threat for those visiting the cinema halls. After this, the state government had to file an affidavit stating that it does not deem it relevant to interfere with the ban on outside food as it can lead to “security issues” and “chaos” in the cinema halls.



This decision of the Supreme Court for the cinema halls in Jammu and Kashmir has stirred quite a debate among the Twitterati on the social media. Take a look at some of the tweets:



Apparently, the matter is not-so-trivial for someone!



What security reasons?



Stop looting people!



Agitation is speaking!



While someone is supporting!



Here is some appeal!




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