Saying No To War: Indians And Pakistanis Turn To Social Media To Urge Peace

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6:21 pm 6 Oct, 2016

The Indo-Pak situation has been tense for as long back as anyone can recall. It’s a rivalry as old as time, a clash of the titans, if you will. Two countries divided by religion. No more, no less. Every time the regime changes, India’s attitude towards Pakistan, and vice-versa, changes with it. In the midst of all this fighting and killing and dying and death threats, no one takes the time to ask the common man/woman/child, what they’d like.

Indian and Pakistani citizens have decided to find their voice and scream out loud. And they’re using the world’s most effective platform to do it. They’ve taken to social media to urge the leaders to desist from the inflammatory war-talk they’ve been spewing.

Here are a few examples of what happens when the silent/silenced masses start talking:

























There are so many people baying for blood on social media these days. It’s about time people started standing up for peace, too.

Because wars take from us our humanity. The trouble with wars is that regular people like you and I stand to lose everything. The casualties of war are varied and heartbreaking, every last one of them. The political entities who instigate these wars flee at the first sign of trouble. Their relatives aren’t fighting these wars, their people don’t die fighting them. It’s our loss entirely. As a people. And as human beings.

It only makes sense, then, to give peace a chance!



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