Savita Bhabhi Is A Gujarati, Says A JNU Student In Research Paper

6:42 pm 18 Feb, 2016

Savita Bhabhi has ruled over minds and hearts of India’s young and old readers alike. She remains India’s original porn star, so what if she existed in web comic format only?

But you could never have imagined that the sensational bhabhi who seduced men from all walks of life and titillated the hormones of the reader could have a regional identity…unless you are a student of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).


Sunny Deol Meme


Calm down, patriots!

Anannya Bohidar has done an extensive study and discovered that Savita Bhabhi is in fact a sexually deprived Gujarati woman. Yes, she’s a Gujarati!




How did Bohidar reach this conclusion?

In a 2014 paper titled ‘Rethinking Gujarati Identity Through The Image Of Savita Bhabhi’, Bohidar identifies cultural traits displayed in the web comic and TV serials showing Gujarati families, reports TOI.




Savita Patel (that’s bhabhi’s surname) is a lone woman whose husband is often away for work. This forces her to explore and find sexual satisfaction in other men.

According to the paper, one reason behind Savita Bhabhi’s sexual exploration elsewhere is because enterprising Gujarati men often leave their wives behind for different countries.




Another aspect of the Gujarati society discussed in the paper points at the wives who are too involved with the large household to find time for their husbands, leaving the latter sexually starved.

“The comic also derives other aspects like the enjoyment and the lifestyle of Gujaratis,” Bohidar had told a gathering at the fifth biennial conference on ‘(Re) Defining Gujarati Identity’ organised by Gujarat Studies Association in Ahmedabad in 2014.

But Savita is an empowered woman, Bohidar said:

“While Savita Bhabhi derives inspiration from Kama Sutra, she is not the quintessential woman who lets the man decide everything. She is critiquing the patriarchal society.”

The web comic was commissioned, created and published by a non-resident Indian in 2008. A year later, it was banned.


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