Report Sent To MEA Says Saudi Diplomat’s Wife, Daughter Allegedly Abused Gurgaon Police

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7:23 pm 16 Sep, 2015

On September 9, a report was submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) regarding Saudi Diplomat’s case. A copy of the report was also sent to the office of Additional Director General (Law and Order) of Haryana Police.

It has been revealed that Gurgaon police  officials were abused by the diplomat’s wife and daughter when they went to rescue the two Nepalese women.

The diplomat was booked for alleged gangrape and wrongful confinement of two women.

The two women — a 44 year-old and a 20-year-old mother-daughter duo from Nepal — were hired as domestic help. They were recently rescued from the diplomat’s residence in Gurgaon.


Activists protest outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi Indian Express

Activists protest outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi
Indian Express

As per the report submitted to the MEA, while the investigation team and others accompanying them were waiting in the lobby outside the apartment’s front door, the women present there allegedly started beating up the Nepalese women to desist them from leaving the residence.

However, the team managed to rescue the victims after a great deal of persuasion.

The Nepalese women knew the name of the Diplomat’s daughter only, it was mentioned in the report.

The report further states that Gurgaon police were unaware about the identities of the occupants of the apartment when they went there for the rescue.

It says:

“We later realised that the residents could be Saudi Arabian nationals who may be holding diplomatic status in India. Their names could not be confirmed on spot but the male member is believed to be a First Secretary with the Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi.”

Meanwhile, senior Police officials are now awaiting the ministry’s response to the detailed report before taking any further action.



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