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Social Media Outraged Over Video Of A Woman Wearing A Mini Skirt In Saudi Arabia

Published on 18 July, 2017 at 9:27 pm By

As per a recent report published by BBC , a video of a young woman wearing a mini skirt and a crop-top in public has gone viral on the internet. Authorities are now investigating the authenticity of the same.


The woman is believed to be a model named Khulood, who shared the clip of her walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir. The footage has already become a matter of discussions and heated debates in the wake of breaking the conservative Muslim country’s strict dress code. Some people are asking for the woman’s immediate arrest. However, many others have come up praising for her “brave attempt”.


As per the tradition of the country, women in Saudi Arabia are bound to wear loose-fitting, full-length robes known as “abayas” while stepping out of the house. They are also required to wear a headscarf if they are Muslim. Women are banned from driving and are also separated from unrelated men.

People are asking for the woman’s immediate arrest for violating norms


The video was initially shared on Snapchat last weekend. In the video, Khulood is seen walking along an empty street in a fort at Ushayqir Heritage Village, about 155 km (96 miles) north of the capital Riyadh, in Najd province.


In Saudi Arabia, Najd is said to be one of the most conservative regions. It was where the founder of Wahhabism – the austere form of Sunni Islam that is practiced by the Saudi royal family and religious establishment – was born in the late 18th Century.

Twitterati in Saudi picked up the video in no time. People have already divided into two groups. Some believe that Khulood should be punished while others insist she should be allowed to wear what she wants.



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