Did You Know, In Saudi Arabia, Sex Slavery Is A Part Of ‘Home Service’

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:36 pm

Last year, an Indian girl who used to work in a beauty parlor in Dammam city of Saudi Arabia felt forced to cut her wrist. The reason was the incessant torture by her employer who wanted her to go for “home service”. But what was so dreadful about that “home service” that made her slash her wrists?

Sex slavery is a part of home service in Saudi Arabia TheDailySignal

Noorjahan Akbar Husen, a 38-year old woman, revealed that she refused to give in to the demands of her employer because “home service” in Saudi Arabia meant becoming a sex slave of men to which the house belongs. That is the reason Noorjahan cut her wrist and was thereafter successful in escaping from the clutches of her employer.

The Times of India quoted Noorjahan saying,

Home service means flesh trade. When a girl is sent there, it means that she has to become a sex slave of the men whose house it is. I was beaten up. My employer would pull my hair and bang my head to the wall. I resisted going for ‘home service’, but not all do. I have noticed that many Hyderabadi girls get trapped in Saudi.

Trafficking of women in Saudi Arabia is quite rampant with a large number of women being compelled into sex slavery each year. In the beauty parlor where Noorjahan worked, some girls jumped from the building to escape being forced into “home service”.

Noorjahan shows the marks of bruises that she got from being tortured in Saudi Arabia UpFrontNews


Right from the beginning, Noorjahan was deceived so that she could be pushed into the slavery. An agent from Mumbai promised her and her husband that she would be given a job in Riyadh. Upon landing in Saudi Arabia, she was driven to Dammam and her husband was taken to a different place. For the first two months, the salary she was paid was half of what was promised to her. For the next six months, she was confined in a jail as she resisted “home service”.

Noorjahan returned from her dreadful encounter in Saudi Arabia in October last year but did not reveal anything about what happened there. It was only in February this year, that she decided to speak out. She revealed that a lot of girls from Hyderabad were taken to Saudi Arabia and were tortured severely until they gave in to flesh trade!