Tarek Fatah Shares A Video In Which A Saudi Migrant In UK Is Heard Calling For Death To Liberals

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8:30 am 24 May, 2017


What happened in Manchester is not just shocking, it is horrendous. To many, it was a “different kind of evil” which killed 22 people, mostly children, and wounded 59 others at the Manchester Arena.



Targeting children is something only the worst of the barbarians do. Of course, these barbarians must be hunted down. But there lies a problem with United Kingdom, in fact the whole of western Europe – they do not call terror ‘terror’.

Even though it was clearly a terror attack (it has been confirmed that it was a suicide bomber who committed this act), a large section of the British press and some ‘politically correct’ individuals were initially refraining from using the word terror.


The map of Manchester Arena.


The shocking part is that before Islamic State took responsibility, some twisted liberals were arguing that the blast should not be linked to terror because no terror group had yet taken responsibility.

Another section of idiots were highlighting that the taxi driver and a doctor who were helping the victims were Muslims – the purpose was to allay fears of Islamophobia. Fact? Hardly was anyone blaming the Muslims.


For the first time, a large section of the British population reacted with anger and called a spade a spade. Here is just a snapshot:


And while the myopic liberals were too busy defending a religion than calling for action against terrorists, Tarek Fatah dropped a video on Twitter of a British man openly expressing his opinion of liberals and how liberals should be treated.


There is nothing wrong in what the man says. In fact, that is exactly how liberals are treated in regressive Islamic regimes such as Saudi Arabia and other parts of North Africa. (Have you ever heard of Raif Badawi? No? Google him.)

Such is the danger to genuine liberal-secular ideals from Saudi Wahhabi civilization that Facebook’s AI director himself refused to visit the country citing their law against atheism.


The problem is definitely not religion but a civilization that marches on with its deep-rooted fundamentalist, misogynistic, iconoclastic and anti-secular beliefs. That civilization is in Middle East and North Africa, and it is this this civilization to which the migrants who have entered Europe belong.

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