Sarvajeet Singh Speaks Up How One Facebook Post Ruined His Life Because Of False Accusation By Delhi Girl

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Updated on 3 Dec, 2016 at 12:23 pm


On one hand, social media has given voice to unjust and the meek. On the other, it has also given a loud brouhaha speaker to scream out the false and let lies and accusations spread like wildfire. There’s no background check or double look on the authenticity of what’s shared, nor does its consequences considered for one flinching moment.

Fifteen months ago, Jasleen Kaur shared a post with a  picture of Sarvajeet Singh accusing him of verbal abuse and molestation. The post captioned Singh saying, “Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main” soon went viral.

The post caught attention of big celebs who further shared them without any accountance of its truth. In fact, such was the effect of this viral post that Delhi Police soon traced him to his house and arrested him.




However, it turned out to  be a false accusation when a witness confessed the truth. According to media reports, “when the police questioned, Vishwajeet Singh, an eyewitness, he vouched for the innocence of Sarvjeet in the matter and confirmed that it was Jasleen who verbally abused and misbehaved with the man.”

Soon social media found itself torn and embarrassed. Prior to the statement Jasleen had shot to fame with her viral post and was promised a reward of Rs.5000 for her bravery of raising her voice.



However, with fresh developments, Sarvajeet turned out to be an innocent man caught in a manipulative racket.

“It should not be about gender. If a man commits a crime, and a woman witness it, she should raise her voice. Same way, if a woman commits a crime, and a man witness it, he should stand against it. Women shouldn’t have the luxury to accuse men of sexual assault only because of their gender, to escape from the truth.”

Here’s Sarvjeet’s sorry story which makes us think how the voice itself can be fallacious and taken advantage of. Where does this leave us, the audience? Whom should we trust?




Social activist Kundan Srivastava has taken the initiative of bringing to light Sarvjeet’s real version of the event that unfolded on that day. It’s through The Voice Raiser(, his platform where one can raise voice against victimization, injustice, immorality and impropriety, that he’s trying to question the judiciary, the flawed mindset of the society and gender equality, which by and large always falls unequally in either case. 

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