The 12 Types Of Shoppers You Find In Sarojini Nagar Market

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10:00 am 28 Apr, 2015


Sarojini Nagar is a cornucopia of colors, sounds and people. Apart from finding a variety of bargain clothing options, it is also a great place to people watch.

1. The girl who loves a good bargain and will not leave till she has haggled the shopkeeper down to the price of her choosing.

2. The hordes of foreigners who flock to the market for cheap clothes for their Goa sojourns.

3. The social butterfly who would never admit to any of her friends where she bought her lovely new dress.

“Oh THIS dress? This is Gucci.” But we know the truth.

4. The pushy, obnoxious shopper who wrestles her way right to the front of the line.

Well, this is India. We have no concept of the notion of being polite.

5. The trendy North Easterners who have an eye for the most zany outfits Sarojini has to offer.


They’ll buy a purple tutu and somehow manage to carry that off with oomph!

6. Housewives who are out shopping for various household supplies.

Bed sheets, pillows, carpets, you name it, Sarojini has it.

7. Groups of middle aged women who are out buying the “latest” in women’s clothes and chunky jewellery.

You can tell them apart from their choice in wearing extremely tight and unflattering clothes while they scrutinise you from head to toe as you walk past them.

8. The broke college kids for whom Sarojini is a necessity, not an option.

All that drinking during that college semester leaves little left over for shopping at Forever 21 or Zara.

9. Couples are also found frequently shopping at Sarojini.

The telltale sign of these couples are usually the boy yawning discreetly, laden down with a hundred shopping bags, while the girl tries on the 30th pair of shoes.

10. The hungry shopper is also a common sight in Sarojini Nagar.

They will have a chuski or aaloo tikki or chaat in one hand while furiously browsing through the clothes with the other.

11. The roving groups of boys who seem to haunt Sarojini not looking at the wares on display, but the women instead.


Dekh bhai, item kitna mast hai,” could either mean they found the ideal pair of shorts to buy or the perfect woman to catcall.

12. The shoe shopper who has only come to replenish her dwindling stock of chappals and dangerously high high heels.

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