When Saroj Khan Slapped Shah Rukh Khan For Saying This! The Reason Will Surprise You

6:20 pm 17 Nov, 2018


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is gearing up for his upcoming film ZeroSRK will be in a never-seen-before avatar as he is playing the character of a dwarf. He has reached a level in his career when nothing seems big but he never forgets his lessons. In a recent interview with a newspaper, he remembered one such incident. It was the time when famous choreographer Saroj Khan slapped Shah Rukh Khan! Yup, you read that right.

The actor reminisced an old incident while answering a question and revealed that once when he was tired of too much of work, choreographer Saroj Khan had slapped him and gave him one sweet advice!




Shah Rukh Khan remembers why Saroj Khan slapped him:

“I remember, in my early days, I was working with Sarojji (Khan, choreographer). In those days, I would work three shifts and would be like this (leans back on his chair and sticks his tongue out). I told her, ‘Sarojji, itna kaam hai, thak gaya hoon‘. She would be very motherly towards me and she slapped me on the cheek, pyaar se, and said, ‘Kabhi yeh mat kehna ki zyada kaam hai‘. In this area of work, there is never too much work. I just feel fortunate that I have so much to choose from. So, no pressure.”



On asking about the pressure of being a Khan he said:

 “In 27 years, I have performed as Kumar, Raj, Rahul… the only thing that I haven’t performed as is a Khan. I don’t think I will ever do it, and neither will the other Khans. Kya pressure, yaar? Bhagwan ne itna de diya.”



SRK said that he feels good that there are so many opportunities.

“The one thing God hasn’t given us is pressure; what he’s given us is opportunities, a chance to work with someone like him (points to Aanand). Now he’s a friend, so it seems awkward to praise him.”



SRK is thankful that he has the option to choose the script.

” I am lucky that I get to do the films I wish to do. Every year, I am thankful that I get the opportunity of at least two films… ki yaar, yeh bhi kar sakte hain, woh bhi kar sakte hain. What more can an artiste ask for?”



Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way and respects his work and everyone associated. This is the quality which makes him extra special. Isn’t?