Saroj Khan Defends Casting Couch, Says At Least It Gives Work To People. Twitterati Slam Her Views

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2:54 pm 24 Apr, 2018


The debate on casting couch in various sections of India’s entertainment industry has heated up like never before. A number of actors and actresses have admitted that they have been subjected to sexual abuse in lieu of work on television and in films. This has unveiled the dark side of glamour world where the struggling and aspiring actors have to pay a heavy price in getting success and fame. While Bollywood has mostly remained silent on casting couch, recently, a senior personality of Bollywood defended it.



Shockingly, she was none other than seasoned choreographer Saroj Khan. She said that it depends on the girl whether she shuts down or lets the director/producer make advances on her. She said:


“Why would you want to sell yourself if you are confident about your talent? Don’t blame the film industry, woh humara mai-baap hai.”



The veteran choreographer further said that casting couch has been a part of the industry for a very long time. She said:

“This is happening for a long time. It happens in the government as well and not just only in the film industry. Woh kam se kam roti toh deti hai. Rape karke chhod toh nahi deti.”


Watch the following video of Saroj Khan saying the above-quoted text:



It has even been quoted by some leading news agencies of the country!




The three-time national award winner for choreography, Saroj Khan was heavily condemned for her statement on casting couch and its comparison with rape. Take a look at some of the tweets denouncing her controversial statement:














Following the huge backlash, Saroj Khan apologized for her remark but this did not stop people from reacting! Don’t you think she was wrong? Do let us know in the comments!

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