This Is How Twitter Trolled Sagarika Ghosh For Mocking River Saraswati

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:20 pm

While rains brought Delhi to a standstill, for some strange reason eminent journalist Sagarika Ghosh tweeted this:


Of course, the rains have left many parts of the national capital waterlogged but according to the reactions of Twitteratti, there is no reason to link waterlogging with the praiseworthy search being conducted for the lost River Saraswati.



The Centre is doing all it can to find the lost River Saraswati. Traces of the river have been found in Haryana making it all the more possible for the rediscovery of the river on the banks of which the pre-Vedic ancient Indian civilization flourished.

The rediscovery of the river will not only script a new chapter in Indian history but will also help combat the water scarcity problem in India’s western states to a great degree.