Sara Khan’s Lip Job Goes Wrong. Trollers Asked If She Is Copying Kylie Jenner!

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6:29 pm 11 Jan, 2019


From waking up to going back to sleep, Bollywood celebs and television actresses love to chronicle the daily routine of their flamboyant lives. It is not hard to imagine that their pictures can easily go viral in no time at all. One such celeb is television actress Sara Khan, who was last seen in Sasural Simar Ka. To keep her fans updated, she keeps on posting pics from her daily routine in her social media profile. The actress has made it a point to remain in news for all the wrong reasons. It is not wrong to say that Sara has been a name that’s always been in the limelight.

However, given her popularity, the Sapna Babul Ka actress, often become an easy target for trolls for various reasons. While at one time she was slammed for going nude for her album song Black Heart, she received flak for sharing bikini pictures.




Remember how she remained in news for a number of days as her nude pictures in a bathtub went viral in social media?



She is back in news again. This time it is due to a picture which she recently shared. But instead of the message, it was her lips that attracted the attention of the readers. Fans noticed her lip surgery and some took this opportunity to troll the 29-year-old actress! The fans weren’t ready to spare her and bombarded with nasty and mean comments.

Check out the pictures:




While some said that she lost her original beauty by going under the knife, some ridiculed her and said she is trying to copy Kylie Jenner.

Check out the comments:

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What do you think about Sara Khan’s picture? Should the trolls back off?

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