Sara Ali Khan To Make Her Bollywood Début Opposite Shahid Kapoor’s Brother, Ishaan

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12:00 pm 22 May, 2016


We’ve always known star kids follow in the footsteps of their famous parent(s). Far too many of the highest paid, most-hyped actors in Bollywood today are there because of the rampant nepotism and this inexplicable sense of entitlement among the twinkling little stars. And they end up making more from one movie than the rest of us can ever hope to make in a lifetime. Yeesh! Life can be so unfair!


Not too long ago, we heard about SRK’s oldest being offered his Bollywood début on a silver platter by none other that Karan Johar. Well, no surprises there! It seems KJo has dubbed himself fairy godmother to all the star kids who’re only just beginning to consider flexing their acting muscles, whatever those may be!


Rumor has it, this time KJo’s going for a double whammy. He’s offered to launch the careers of Saif’s daughter, Sara, and Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother, Ishaan, in his next.


Fresh out of Columbia University, Sara Ali Khan will probably soon be seen flitting across the silver screen in a theatre near you! And if his pictures are anything to go by, she’ll be flitting towards a (probably) topless Ishaan. Meh! Kids these days!