Whoa! Is Sara Ali Khan Trying To Hide Her Real Age?

2:32 pm 5 Dec, 2018


How many of you get excited to know every bit of detail about your favorite star? Well, for many fans out there, it is a thing of great happiness. From the name to the age, and finally to the education; trust us there are many people out there who want to know everything about celebs, especially the emerging ones. Speaking about the next big thing, with her Bollywood debut around the corner, there is one diva who is making a lot of headlines these days; we are talking about Sara Ali Khan guys! The much-beloved daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh will mark her entry in the Hindi film Industry with Abhishek Kapoor’s directorial Kedarnath. So, we have a question for all Sara Ali Khan fans out there, do you know what is the real age of the actress? 

Many would be saying that she is 25 years old? I mean, that’s what available online! But hey, don’t reach on to any conclusions yet. Well, if you go by an interview of the actress, then you’ll understand that she isn’t 25!




As per a media report, during a tete-a-tete with BBC Asian Network’s journalist, the actress revealed her age. When she was asked,

 “How many years have you dreamt of living this life (becoming an actress)?”

The actress said, 

“For as long as I can remember…So, I would say 23 years, because that’s how old I am.”



To watch her interview, click on the link below:



So, this concludes the fact that Sara Ali Khan is actually 23 years old. But there is another side of the story too. When you search online, you’ll be surprised to see that her age is not what the actress mentioned, it is 25! It is written that she was born on September 1993.

Take a look at what appears when you search for Sara Ali Khan’s age online:



But if you check out the Wikipedia pages of her parents, on Saif’s, it is simply written that she was born in 1993 whereas on Amrita’s it is written that she was born on August 12, 1993.


Take a look at their respective Wikipedia pages:




The report also stated that the actress celebrated her birthday on August 12, so it might be that she was actually born in August. But after looking at the figures, the mystery around Sara Ali Khan’s age remains the same, whether Sara is 23 or 25? It is often said that Bollywood divas hide their real age. So, is Sara doing the same? What do you think?

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