Sanya Malhotra Reveals The Real Pataakha Of Pataakha, And The Name Will Surprise You

10:20 am 19 Sep, 2018


Calm, shy and always lost in her own world, actress Sanya Malhotra needs no introduction! We have seen her starting her career with Aamir Khan’s much-loved film Dangal (2016) and rising to immense popularity in no time. After playing the character of wrestler Babita Kumari in the blockbusters sports biographical drama, we are now going to see Sanya Malhotra in a totally different avatar in Vishal Bhardwaj’s forthcoming film Pataakha, also starring popular television actors Radhika Madan and Sunil Grover.

Pataakha is a story of two diametrically opposite sisters, Chhutki and Badki, who are constantly at loggerheads with each other. Their day starts with scuffles and ends with brawls. I know what you are thinking right now – that the title of the film, Pataakha, totally justifies their character. But what if Sanya Malhotra says that neither hers nor Radhika’s character is the real Pataakha of the movie?




A couple of days ago, I got to meet Sanya Malhotra at a swanky hotel in Mumbai. And when I asked her who she thinks is the real Pataakha of her movie, she or her co-star Radhika Madan, the actress named someone who, frankly speaking, I had never ever thought of as an option.

‘Sunil Grover is the real Pataakha. His character Dipper is exactly like him. And he is like Dipper in real life. There is, I think, no moment when something or the other is not going on in his mind. He will crack a joke at the drop of a hat or say something out of the blue. Something or the other is always there on his tongue. Even if he is sitting idle, you know he is thinking of something or noticing things around. Interestingly, that helps him a lot as an actor. That shows in his work, be it in his character Mashoor Gulati or Rinku Bhabhi.’



Sanya Malhotra says that Sunil Grover’s popular TV character Rinku Bhabhi helped her a lot while she was playing a married woman in the second half of Pataakha. She says she would listen to Rinku Bhabhi’s signature song ‘Mere Husband Mujhko Pyaar Nahi Karte’ repeatedly to get into her character.

‘I was highly inspired from his character Rinku Bhabhi. I cannot tell you that how many times l have listened to his song ‘Mere Husband Mujhko Pyaar Nahi Karte’. That character helped me a lot in the second half of the movie where my character is shown as married. The moment I wore a sari, I would start listening to his song. So, yeah, that was the song which I would listen to quite often to get into the skin of my character. On loop and how!’



Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj, Pataakha is set to enter theatres on September 28. It’s a joint venture between KYTA Productions and Vishal Bhardwaj Films.

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