India’s First 3D Sanskrit Film, ‘Anurakthi’, Is Receiving Rave Reviews At IFFI 2017

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3:12 pm 24 Nov, 2017


Sanskrit is India’s ancient language. Some of the world’s finest literary masterpieces have been written in this language. But in spite of being at the heart of India’s core culture, Sanskrit is largely ignored by the masses and by extension by the creators of mass entertainment. This is the reason why we have just a handful of Sanskrit films – you can literally count them on your fingertips!


You’d be shocked to know that the first Sanskrit film ever made in India was the 1983 film ‘Adi Shankaracharya’, which remains the most popular to date having won the National Award in four categories including Best Film.

Since then there have been only about three more films in the language.



A scene from India’s first Sanskrit movie ‘Adi Shankaracharya’. YouTube

So it is indeed a delight to note that the world’s first Sanskrit film in 3D is grabbing eyeballs at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017.


Shah Rukh Khan performs during the opening ceremony of the IFFI. Atish Pomburfekar/The Hindu

‘Anurakthi’ has been directed by Asokan P.K. Made on a shoestring budget of just Rs.28 lakhs, the film revolves around a Punjabi danseuse who arrives in Kerala to learn the ancient dance form Koodiyattam from a master.

The story deals with the master’s son, who is in love with the danseuse, mistaking the relationship between his father and the student.


Vani Vasisth stars as the female lead in ‘Anurakhti’.

In an interview to The Hindu, Asokan had said that the film contains a Koodiyattom performance and also features noted Koodiyattom artiste Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri.

The 80-minute film gives particular attention to the dance while finely balancing a modern-day story with the ancient language.


Koodiyattom forms the backdrop of the movie. Wikimedia Commons

And there is also a song rendered completely in Sanskrit.


The lead pair of the film.


Vani Vasisth plays the lead role of the danseuse. Other major roles are played by Sri Hari, Bindu Jaya and Sivan Namboodri.

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