This Sanskari Bahu Of Television Has Done A Bold Photoshoot With A Nude Male Model

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6:53 pm 14 Dec, 2017

Television actress Tina Dutta became a household name when she played the role of Ichha in television show ‘Uttaran’. As Ichha, she had spilled some kind of magic on the viewers. Her character and acting made her the favorite beti and favorite bahu of daily soap viewers. Presently, she is playing the role of Dhamini in television serial ‘Shani’.

Tina Dutta as Ichha in ‘Uttaran’. Invitemyguest

On screen, actress Tina Dutta played the role of a docile girl but in real life, she has been seen in bold avatars on a number of occasions. Recently, at the launch of television show ‘Porus’, the actress was seen in quite a bold avatar.

Tina Dutta at the launch of ‘Porus’. Twitter

Now, the actress has made news for doing something that her fans might not have expected. She has done a bold photoshoot for Streaming Calendar. In a viral picture from the photoshoot, Tina can be seen sitting atop a nude male model.



The male model who has apparently gone nude for the photoshoot with Tina Dutta is Ankit Bhatia. The photos have been shot by Mumbai based photographer Amit Khanna.

In the picture, Tina is seen wearing a sexy black dress that helps her flaunt her curves to perfection. She has shared another picture of herself in the same dress on her Instagram page. Here is the Instagram post by Tina:

While in the picture Ankit appears to be nude, he perhaps was actually not. If a report by Spotboye is to be believed, Tina has spoken up about the shoot and has been quoted saying,

Oh, come on. We are in the age of photo-shop. That’s exactly what has been done with Ankit in his picture with mine. Ankit was wearing something. Hence I was not uncomfortable.

Model Ankit Bhatia. Instagram

Amit Khanna, the photographer of the shoot has been quoted saying:


“After they both arrived on the set, I suddenly felt that Tina’s change-of-image by such leaps and bounds may not go down well, and hence he directed Ankit to wear a thong. So yeah, the picture has been photo-shopped. But not because Tina or Ankit were uncomfortable. Right from the day I narrated the concept to them, they were in the know that Ankit would be nude in the shoot- and both were absolutely comfortable about it.”

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