Sanjay Suri Remembers The Ominous Day He Lost His Father To Terrorism In Kashmir

8:31 pm 2 Aug, 2017


The Kashmir situation is a wound that pains the people who live there and those who had to flee from the land years ago. It has been more than two decades and the unsettled land is still looking for respite, whereas the people who lost their homes and families still grieve.

Sanjay Suri, actor and producer in Bollywood, remembers the day one “horrific” experience took away his father. He took to Twitter to express his sadness. 27 years ago, his father, Virinder Suri, was shot down by the terrorists.



Sanjay Suri and his family were forced to leave their home in Kashmir and make Delhi their new abode. In an interview given to Times of India, Sanjay recalled the incident and how it changed their lives forever.

It was a very painful time. I was 19 years old and we couldn’t even cremate my father in Srinagar. We packed whatever we could and came to Delhi in just five hours, with my father’s body, and cremated him the next day. It was so shocking for all of us.

A picture of Sanjay Suri.Indian Express


Despite all the controversies and tension that surrounds the topic of Kashmir and the displaced Kashmiri Hindus, Sanjay has been quite vocal on social media expressing his longing for the place.


Sanjay visited Kashmir after a long time in 2007, only to feel incredibly pained and perturbed to see the condition of the land he once called home.



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