Sanjay Dutt Was So Addicted To Drugs That His Producers Had No Option But Do This. Read Details

1:01 pm 27 Jun, 2018


The much talked about Sanjay Dutt biopic ‘Sanju’ is just on the verge of its release. The buzz around the movie is strong and many are excited to go watch the movie in theatres. It is evident from the trailer that Ranbir Kapoor has nailed Sanjay’s look. In one of movie’s poster, Ranbir sported a bearded look and a tikka on the forehead, and looked liked a replica of Dutt.

The movie will bring fans face-to-face with the realities of Sanjay Dutt’s life in never known before depths. Even before its release, a lot has been revealed about Sanjay’s life and experiences that made him who he is.



As reported in many instances, Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju Baba had a major drug problem early in his career. After completing his schooling from a private boarding school, he enrolled in the Elphinstone College but was never keen on studies. He always wanted to get into acting and his father Sunil Dutt enrolled him into a rigorous acting course.


Sanjay with father Sunil Dutt. Source



But according to reports, Sanjay had already started taking drugs and was getting a little out of hand. He nonetheless bagged his first project ‘Rocky’ which became a hit. His mother’s death just days before his debut release also worsened his drug abuse problems.


Sanjay with mother Nargis Dutt. Source


After giving his first hit, the actor started receiving many offers but he kept on battling his drug abuse problem. He was usually very late for the movie sets, which many a time also led to the cancellation of the shoot.

To avoid such issues, the producers of his movies started giving drugs to Sanjay right on the sets. This did help the producers as he stayed on the sets despite taking drugs. But this was extremely bad for Sanjay himself, as he went deeper into this problem. The upcoming movie will showcase how numbing the experience of getting rid of drug addiction was for the actor.


Sanjay Dutt with his twins. Source


The effects of Sanjay’s drug abuse were detrimental to his whole family who loved him dearly. We think, most will agree that in retrospect it would’ve been better had the producers not signed him in the first place, instead of offering him drugs. Let us know what do you think?