5 Heartbreaking Stories Of Sanjay Dutt’s Drug Addiction

2:35 pm 27 Jun, 2018


Bollywood has seen many actors but there is no one like Sanjay Dutt. With his biopic ‘Sanju’ starring Ranbir Kapoor all set to hit the silver screen, Sanjay Dutt has been in the news since a long time with people wanting to know more about his life’s darkest secrets. We are well aware that he is one of the first actors in the industry who admitted to his drug addiction. It was indeed one of the most difficult phases of Sanju Baba’s life.

From heroin to cocaine, there is no single drug left that the superstar has not tried. Incidentally, his substance addiction affected his health, career and most importantly, his family. Be it friends, mother’s death, flop films or break up with girlfriends, Sanjay Dutt resolved to only one solution for all his problems – drugs. Eventually, there have been many incidents in his life that revolved around excessive substance abuse.



Here are 5 of the most disturbing stories of Sanjay’s Dutt’s drug addiction that will surely break your heart:


1. Peer pressure



Sanjay Dutt became addicted to Heroin and Cocaine during his college years under the influence of his friends. He confessed in an interview that he was very insecure during his young years and he was too shy to talk to girls. So, his friends suggested him to do drugs in order to talk to girls with confidence. And hence, he started doing drugs.


2. Her mother Nargis suffering from cancer



When he came to know about his mother suffering from cancer, he decided to quit drugs, but unfortunately, it was too late. Since he was too addicted, he immediately fell sick as he was not able to handle the withdrawal symptoms. Apparently, Nargis was being shifted to New York for better cancer treatment. At that point in time, Sanju knew that he will not be able to survive there without drugs. So, he hid some drugs in his shoes during the flight to New York.



3. Embarrassed family



Ever since Sanjay Dutt debuted in Bollywood, the entire industry became aware of the Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction. This, not only affected his career in Bollywood films but also his family. The family had to face a lot of embarrassments during that phase of the actor’s life. Sanjay Dutt’s sister Priya Dutt even stated in an interview that during that period of time, Sanjay Dutt was seen in a lot of films. And it was quite evident that he was under the influence of drugs through his eyes in all his films. In fact, she was teased as ‘stoner’s sister’ by her fellow students in college.


4. Ruined film career



Due to his drug abuse, Sanjay Dutt often used to come late on the sets of the films which later resulted in delay and even cancellation of the shoots. Producers were quite frustrated with Sanju’s carefree work ethics that incurred heavy losses to them. Eventually, the producers started giving him drugs on the film sets so that their films don’t get further delayed. This worsened his addiction and he was seen under the influence of drugs in every film.


5. Rehab phase!



After the death of her mother, the entire Dutt family became aware of Sanjay’s drug addiction. His sisters feared his presence in the house because he used to act angry all the time. Later when Sanjay Dutt realized what wrong he was doing to his life, he straightaway went to his father Sunil Dutt and asked for his help. Sunil Dutt took Sanjay Dutt to a rehab center in the USA, where ‘Baba’ was supposed to fill in some forms. In the form, he had to mark all forms of drugs that had done. To doctor’s amazement, Sanju marked all of them. The doctor exclaimed to his father that he would have been long dead due to such heavy abuse of drugs, but it was due to the Indian food that he was still alive.


Well, there are many heart-wrenching stories about Sanjay Dutt’s substance abuse that he survived and become the superstar that he is now!