Here’s Why Rishi Kapoor Got Angry With Sanjay Dutt, And Asked Him To Stay Away From Ranbir

10:34 am 23 Jun, 2018


The Sanjay Dutt biopic, titled ‘Sanju’ is all the rage these days. It is one of the highest buzz-creating movies and is due for release on June 29. With every single day that passes by, there is either something controversial happening around the movie or a new revelation about Dutt’s life comes to fore.

And now, Ranbir Kapoor has revealed something fun about Sanjay and his life in his latest interview. But first, let’s hash out some old issues that have led this movie to be in headlines after headlines.


As reported by us, there was an incident where Sanjay’s close friends, Salman Khan and Arshad Warsi, stated that no one could really emulate Sanjay in real life.



And Ranbir Kapoor responded to this statement by his seniors, in his own way. Read all about it here.



Then, there were also many new revelations about Sanjay Dutt, his drug abuse and the darker sides of his real life, which made headlines. And mostly all of the monumental things that happened in Dutt’s life are depicted in the upcoming biopic. But what the movie won’t tell us about, are the small things that happened in his day to day life and experiences he shared with people around him.



Sanjay Dutt with father Sunil Dutt and mother Nargis. Source

Ranbir Kapoor was seen reminiscing in one such incident in a recent interview during the promotions of ‘Sanju’. He told the press about the incident when Sanjay got him a gift and his father got very angry at Dutt for doing so. Wondering what the gift was, that resulted in Rishi Kapoor getting furious at the actor?


Rishi Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt together promoting their movie, Agneepath. Source


Well as Ranbir informs, he met Dutt for the first time when he was shooting with Rishi Kapoor in Kashmir, and he has been a fan ever since. Sanjay and Ranbir became friends and they both spent quite some time together, while Dutt was shooting with Ranbir’s father. Sanjay would even take Ranbir as a kid out on rides with him.



And on one of Ranbir’s birthdays, Sanjay got him a bike as a present. But since Ranbir was still quite young to ride a bike, Rishi Kapoor got furious at Dutt for such a gift and asked him not to spoil his son. Back in those days, Sanjay was known for his carefree and spoilt persona. Rishi Kapoor even asked Sanjay to stay away from his son, and Ranbir remembers feeling really bad about the whole incident.

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