Twinkle Khanna Lashes Out On Modi Govt Over Tax And Twitter Is Back With Its Comments

2:54 pm 25 Nov, 2017


At a time when celebrities and celebrity wives are busy defining themselves as distinct and aloof from the prevalent Bollywood caricatures, Twinkle Khanna has been the woman to redefine her celebrity status and use it as a powerful platform to raise her voice against various social issues of the times. She is like a breath of fresh air amid the waves of celebrity tweets – which mostly borders on controversies – and presents the right kind of humor we need to escalate through our daily lives.

Twinkle Khanna has always been vocal about numerous social issues and has presented her views on society and traditions consistently on social media. Zee News


A hands-on mother, author, column writer and producer, Twinkle Khanna wears many hats. However, all these responsibilities does not stop Mrs Funnybones (as she loves herself to be known) from commenting on various social issues of the times. And we must agree, she is always on point. Well, almost. 

Recently, the actor-turned-author was invited for a talk on women sanitation by BBC. While she talked about various facets of female hygiene and sanitation in the interview, her main cause of concern seemed to be the 12 per cent tax imposed on sanitary napkins in India. In what seemed to be a very liable question, she lashed out at the Modi government for imposing such a hefty tax on something as important as napkins and tampons.

A chart showing prevalent attitude of Indian society towards menstruation. Let us Bleed



The graceful former actress further said that it is impossible to attain women empowerment in a country which blames women for the natural way their bodies function and refuse to make sanitary napkins and tampons available in plenty, especially in rural areas.

The producer of the upcoming film ‘Padman’ did not just go on rant about the present scenario but supported her points with proper statistics. She said that in India there are just 23 per cent of women privileged enough to use tampons or napkins. Nearly 20 per cent of girls drop out of their school as soon as they reach their puberty. However, she mentioned that this condition is not prevalent only in India. Even in England, girls drop out of schools for same reasons.

Twinkle shared a snippet of her interview on her Twitter as well as her Instagram handle. Watch it here –

Needless to say, there were numerous reactions to this video, with many people applauding her on-your-face approach to this terrible issue of the time. Here’s sharing some of them with you –

Twinkle’s words indeed came to live with this tweet –


Do you think it is high time for the government to understand that more than sindoor it is tampons and sanitary napkins which women require the most? We would love to know about your opinion on the matter. Share in your views with us in the comments section below.

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