Pregnant Sania Mirza Suffers Backlash For Wearing This Dress

4:16 pm 12 Oct, 2018


Social media is a place where anything is possible. From trolling to expressing the concerns related to various pressing issues, I think that by now we have seen almost all the shades of social media. Speaking about celebrity trolling, ace tennis player Sania Mirza was trolled by the netizens recently. Now you must be wondering why? The thing is, she donned an outfit which didn’t go well with many social media users.

For those who don’t know, Sania Mirza and her hubby Shoaib Malik are going to be in the list of doting parents. The duo is all set to embrace parenthood, and we are excited too.




This special occasion obviously calls for a celebration, and maybe that’s the reason why Sania and Shoaib had an adorable baby shower. Yes! The duo just looked super cute together. Check out the pics if you don’t believe me:








See how lovely they look in the video!



Now, Sania donned a beautiful mustard coloured dress. But like I said earlier, it seems that her choice of clothing didn’t go well with the netizens, and they started targetting her with some mean comments.


Take a look at the picture for which Sania Mirza was trolled:


Now see what the netizens had to say regarding Sania Mirza and her dress:


















Now, I think that it is quite obvious to put on some extra weight during pregnancy, so her looking a little chubby is absolutely normal. As far as the dress is concerned, It’s difficult to comprehend why Sania Mirza was trolled. She looked just fine to me! Last but not least, I think that we as the social media users must have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. Attacking someone like this doesn’t make any sense. What you want to wear is totally your choice!

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