Sania Mirza Is Going To Be A Mother But Destiny Has Something Else Stored For Her Sister

Updated on 19 May, 2018 at 12:17 pm


Tennis star Sania Mirza is going to be a mommy soon. On one hand where she has a reason to celebrate, her sister, Anam Mirza is having trouble in her personal life. In November 2016, Sania’s younger sister Anam took vows with Akbar Rasheed in Hyderabad and the two were leading a happy married life. However, just after an year and a half of their marriage, the two have decided to part their ways, if a report is to be believed.


“The reason for the split is still unknown but we believe the divorce proceedings have come through. Meanwhile, Anam continues to focus on being the stylist for her sister and running her fashion outlet,” reveals the report.

For their marriage, Anam and Akbar had invited many Bollywood celebrities including Salman Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Farah Khan, Huma Qureshi etc. The wedding was a royal affair and happened in a tradition style.




Sania is often seen posing with her sister in various events and occasions. Anam is a stylist and runs her brand “The Label Bazaar”. She styles Sania for various events and even speaks about the same! Once she said in an interview:

“It has become easier for me to style Sania. I know her body type, what she likes, what colours and styling will suit her and so on. She is one of my favourites and it is fantastic to work with her.”



She even talked about how Akbar proposed to her:

“I always had a very movie-like marriage proposal in mind. So, here I was waiting for a filmi proposal from Akbar, while our engagement invitations were already sent out. Of course our families had discussed that we are getting engaged and all, but I was left wondering ‘Arey abhi tak Akbar ne mujhe woh movie wala proposal kyun nahin diya!’ nd I was definitely not expecting a proposal after the invites were out!”



Though, there has been no confirmation about their divorce, the rumors have already left the fans wondering.

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