Journo Asked Sania Mirza About What Will Be Her Baby’s Surname. She Gave The Sassiest Reply

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11:42 am 9 Apr, 2018


Sania Mirza stays quite active on social media. India’s leading tennis player is famous for her witty and smart answers. Recently, we saw how Sania came to rescue her husband Shoaib Malik when a hater indirectly called him buddha (an old man). Her witty reply to Shoaib’s hater made people laugh so bad and now Sania is back in the news because of a smart reply that she gave at Goa Fest 2018. Sania has hardly ever spoken up about her personal life but this time she was in some different mood.


While talking to the media at the fest, Sania expressed her desire to have a daughter. We all know that Sania is an Indian but her husband is a Pakistani.

To stir some controversy, the media asked Sania,”what will be her child’s surname be?” To this, Sania revealed that she has already discussed this with her husband. Talking about the same, the Indian Tennis player said:

“Today I will tell you a secret. My husband and I have spoken about it and we have decided that whenever we have a child, the child will have Mirza Malik as a surname and not just Malik. So that’s where we stand as a family including my husband. He actually wants a daughter.”


In India, there are many families who believe that having a son is mandatory. A son helps to take the name of the family forward. However, Sania and Shoaib do not feel the same. Throwing light at the same, Sania said:

“I have not changed my surname (post marriage) and my name is still Sania Mirza and it will remain that way. The family name is going to go forward”



Sania and Shoaib are role models for many. Hope their views and opinions will change others minds as well. Do you think the same? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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