Hater Said Sania Mirza Is Not An Indian. She Gave The Sassiest Reply To Shut Him Up All At Once

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2:03 pm 13 Apr, 2018


Sania Mirza has become a soft target for trolls since the time she married Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik. People have time and again raised questions against her marriage decision to a Pakistani. Unfortunately, Sania is back in the news for the same reason. Trolls have again raised questions over Sania’s nationality because of a tweet she posted about Asifa rape case.


People who believe that humanity is above politics and religion are furious over what happened in Kashmir. The 8-year-old, Asifa was kidnapped, sedated and gang raped before being brutally murdered by the group of men that allegedly includes a police officer and a teenager. According to the charge sheet of the little girl’s case, when they were about to kill the girl by crushing her head with a rock, the police officer stopped them so that he can rape the girl one last time.



People from all across the nation are now demanding justice for the little girl. There is a huge uproar in the nation and many celebrities have come out in support of Asifa. Talking about the same brutally, Sania Mirza vented out her anger in her latest tweet:

Here’s what she posted:

Slamming Sania’s tweet, a twitter user name Kichu Kannan Namo (Twitter handle: @Kichu_chirps) said that Sania is no longer an Indian because she has married a Pakistani and if she want to tweet then she should tweet about the terror attacks by Pakistan on India.

Last thing that the hater would have expected was a reply from her. Luckily, Sania decided to give the sassiest reply to the moron who came up with his idiotic opinion. In no mood to tolerate his nonsense, here’s what the tennis player said:



It’s time when people need to rise above politics and religion if they really want their India to become a developed nation. Cases like Ashifa rape case are regressive and should not be supported under any circumstance. What do you think? Do share your views in the comments section below.