After Sri Reddy, Telugu Actress Sandhya Naidu Shares The Shocking Story Of Casting Couch

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3:32 pm 16 Apr, 2018


Sex has always been an integral and a sinful part of Bollywood and other regional film industries in India. Repeatedly, women have been sexually exploited and asked for nasty favors to earn a role in a film. The casting couch culture is an unpleasant reality of today’s time, and its awful stories shock us to the core.



Recently, Telegu actress, Sri Reddy, took an extremely bold move when she chose to strip protest outside the office of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce at Hyderabad’s Filmnagar.

The actress has claimed to have been sexually exploited by many producers and directors. Also, she was denied membership of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) despite having acted in three films.






Indeed, Sri Reddy is the whistleblower of the casting couch in Tollywood. Her fearless stand has now given the strength to other women in the industry to stand up against this maltreatment.

Now, another Telugu actress, Sandhya Naidu, spoke about the humiliation and exploitation she faced in this industry. She stated:

“Most of the characters I get are that of a mother or an aunty. They call me ‘amma’ at the shooting spot in the morning and ask me to come and sleep with them at night. One of them asked me what I was wearing and if it is transparent.”



Another actress, Sunitha Reddy, pointed out how she was treated like a ‘worm’ at the set:

“We have to change clothes outdoors and relieve ourselves outdoors. While the managers ask us to use the caravans of the stars, we are not allowed and are treated like worms. They used crude language and ask us not to lurk around.”

This is so appalling. Right? This needs to change, and it must change soon. All women rise!