These Buddhist Sand Mandalas Take Weeks To Complete And Are Then Destroyed

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2:39 pm 6 Jan, 2016

You must be curious to know what these guys are making with so much concentration!



This is a Tibetan Buddhist art form called sand mandalas.

Monks spend weeks to create designs with colored sand. They take approximately two weeks to complete! (14)


Mandalas were created with crushed and colored stones in ancient times.

Nowadays ground plain white stones are dyed with various inks.


The entire design is made using sacred geometry and specialized measurements.



Mandalas are made using special tubes that place the sand granules. Funnels and scarpers known as chak-pur are also used to sculpt the design.



Monks work together on many mandalas as a team. They start from the center and follow the design outwards, one section at a time.



Mandalas creation is a mode of active meditation. Once the design is complete, people are allowed to come and see it.



When the mandalas are seen by everyone, a ceremony is conducted to destroy the (15)


If the symbol of any deity is present in the mandalas, then it is removed in a specific order.



Different symbols are dismantled in a different order until the whole mandala gets dismantled.



After dismantling mandalas, the sand is collected in a jar, wrapped in silk and carried to a river or an area with running water. (16)


After taking the sand to the river, it is returned to nature in order to symbolize the brief existence of our life and the world itself. (17)


The video shows us how, for a short while, we come and spread beauty all around and when we are done, our energy returns back to the earth!

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