Young Asian Elephant Named ‘Samudra’ Does A Wonderful Headstand In Water At Oregon Zoo

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4:17 pm 14 Jul, 2017


The Oregon Zoo of USA shared a video of one of its elephant named Samudra being all playful in water and doing a perfect headstand.

Samudra is a 7-year old Asian elephant who likes to hit the pool often. But this special move of doing a great headstand in water is breaking the internet with his video hitting more than 1.4 million views in just about two weeks.

Samudra goes upside down in water IndiaTimes


In the video clip, the young Asian elephant can be seen enjoying the water, going deep down inside and then doing a headstand. Towards the end of the video, the mammal can be seen relishing a big watermelon.

All through the video, the contentment and joy are clearly evident on the animal’s face and also the fact that it is well taken care of at the zoo.

Samudra loves being in water



Bob Lee, the elephant curator at Oregon Zoo said that Samudra loves playing in water. In fact, as a little kid, Samudra could porpoise up and down like a dolphin. quotes Lee saying,

He would periscope up his trunk so he would breathe, you know, and he would stay underwater. He’ll even float sideways and kick with his feet to swim. He’s amazing. We’ve learned a lot watching him learn how to swim.

A few years ago, Oregon Zoo created a new habitat so that the animals get more natural space. There are now hidden spaces, lots of open area and random automatic feeders at the zoo. Talking about this new space creation for animals by the zoo, Lee says,

I think they’re loving it. What we look for is how much they’re using the space. We have hidden feeders that pop up randomly so they never know where their next meal is coming from. So they are always searching, they’re always grazing like they would in the wild

Watch the video uploaded by Oregon Zoo on its Facebook page here: