The Cost Of A Samosa At The Goa Airport Will Leave You Surprised! Even The Netizens Can’t Stop Reacting

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12:32 pm 16 Aug, 2018


When one plans a holiday, one of the top priorities is to get the best price for everything right from flights to hotels to food. But if one lands up in a place where the prices are abnormally high and one cannot even bargain, it certainly is a huge disappointment. And imagine if this place is a hotspot among tourists, the letdown is even bigger. This is exactly what is happening with the tourists at Goa airport.

Who doesn’t like samosas? But if you buy them at the Goa airport, it is almost certain that you will think ten times before even thinking of buying it!



A Reddit user recently shared his shocking experience of buying unbelievably expensive samosas at the Goa’s Dabolim airport. This person uploaded a photo of a samosa he bought at the airport and the bill for a plate of samosas. And there were utter surprises in both!


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While the samosa looked shabby and not even fresh, it came with an unbelievably small quantity of chutney. But wait, there is more to that samosa – its eye-popping bill!

As per the picture of the bill shared by the Reddit user, one samosa at Goa airport costs as much as Rs 90! And wait, the taxes are yet to be added. So a plate of samosas comprising two samosas and a few drops of chutney, with taxes cost this person a whopping Rs 212! Check out his Reddit post below:



Take a closer look at the image that Reddit user uploaded:



As expected, the netizens have been left furious and disappointed at the whopping cost of samosas at the Goa airport? Check out a few reactions from the internet users below:


The samosa doesn’t even look fresh.




That’s the whole point!



It indeed is!



Looks like that!



Netizens don’t even like the chutney it came with!



There’s also a piece of advice!



What is your reaction to this shocking bill of Rs 212 for 2 samosas? Do let us know!