The World’s Greatest Fear Is Something India Is Most Concerned About

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1:05 pm 17 Jul, 2015

A Pew Research report reveals some startling facts about the major fears of the world at large. In a survey of 45,435 respondents in 40 countries, two fears lorded over every other – climate change and Islamic State.

The most widespread concern was about climate change. Around 46 per cent of the global population was concerned with the change in weather patterns and the impact of global warming on our planet.




The countries most concerned about climate change are located in Central and South America, East and South Asia, East and West Africa and a few countries in the Middle East.


India was overwhelmingly concerned about climate change as 73 per cent of Indian respondents placed it on top.

Islamic State was a distant fourth in the order with 45 per cent citing it as a top threat.


Not too surprisingly, the Western world – US, Europe – and their allies in Australia, Japan and South Korea consider the ever-present threat from the barbaric Islamic State as their greatest fear.

Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia – the world’s largest Muslim majority country – and Malaysia share a similar fear.


Only two Middle Eastern countries apart from Turkey was included in the survey – Jordan and Israel.


Global Threats


For purely political reasons, Israel was the only country that said Iran was the greatest threat to the world. Territorial tensions made Vietnam place China as the greatest threat while Ukraine went against Russia. Russia, on the other hand, was one of the few countries that cited global economic instability as the major threat.

You may read the research in detail here.



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