This Quote Of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Will Cheer Up Every Drinker And Smoker

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1:01 pm 19 May, 2016


During the 1962 war, someone had sent a box containing bangles and a letter saying, “If your men do not wish to fight, this is the best medal you can wear.” It was sent to the Chief Officer of a battalion who did not wish to enter into conflict with the Chinese. However, in the coming weeks the CO & his battalion proved their grit by battling it out with the Chinese and conducted many successful operations.

After a while, the CO received an another letter from the same person saying “Please send back the box containing bangles, as this is not for you & your men.”

Well, that someone was Sam Manekshaw, Indian Army commander.



He was a highly decorated soldier and the first Indian Army officer to be promoted to the five-star rank of field marshal. His military career spanned four decades, from the British era to the three wars against Pakistan and China after India’s independence in 1947.

The reason why he achieved so much was because of his unique philosophies of life, labeling him the most badass soldier of the Indian army.



Well, this comes as a relief for all those who are dreaming of becoming army leaders and love to smoke and drink. Also, it has been scientifically proven that alcohol sharpens the mind. All the teetotallers, it is definitely better being a Indian soldier than a saint.


Drink like it’s an art.



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