Here Is What Salman Khan Has To Say Regarding Modi’s Currency Ban

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1:44 pm 13 Nov, 2016

PM Modi’s currency ban is a smart move against black money and corruption. But, the move has created a lot of chaos. Some are cursing the government whereas others are praising it.



Many celebrities came forward with their views. Where Bollywood Badshah praised PM Modi calling it a “farsighted move” another actor Arshad Warsi criticised Modi for taking this sudden decision.



Now, Salman Khan has come forward and expressed his opinion regarding PM Modi’s currency ban decision.

“Iss hafte kaale dhan par dhanaadan vaar padi. It is a fantastic move and hats off to Modi ji…”




He further added…

“Mere khud ke 4 hazar ke note aur six, 500 k notes atak gaye hai kyunki main Hong Kong mein tha… par koi baat nahi.. main agle do-teen din mein bank jaake cash karwa loonga.”


Even Salman Khan has his money to get it exchanged. But Salman, you have this benefit that no bank will let you stand in those long queues that we all are facing these days!


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