Salman Very Cleverly Reveals His Feelings For Lulia Vantur, Marriage And The Media

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4:37 pm 25 May, 2016


Amidst the bevy of entertainment gossip, what stole the show (and our sanity!) was the news of Salman Khan was finally getting ready to tie the knot.

While we felt curious, excited, heartbroken, relieved and all sorts of emotions, Salman chose to not reveal his plans.




Fortunately or unfortunately, Lulia Vantor recently cleared the air by denying all rumors of her getting hitched to the actor in December.

She bluntly exclaimed in her Instagram post how she is no mood to get into a wedding dress anytime soon.


And now, after what seemed like an eternity, Salman Khan has finally opened his heart on the matter by blaming the media for not just putting pressure on him to get married but also ”to give hope to the woman” involved.




They (the media) have dishonoured a woman regardless of whether she is an Indian or a foreigner. In such cases, the media gives hope to the woman and puts pressure on me. And this is not good; I also look like an insensitive person, who is not interested in getting married.

In fact, Bhaijaan is also pretty unhappy about being made out to be an insensitive person, least interested in getting married.

Arrey yaar, don’t hurt future possibilities!



One day I will say, “Yes, I am getting married.” The next day, I’ll say, “No, I am not.” One day, I will say I have been married for a long time, and I also have two kids, just like my father said in jest recently; he said I have two kids, named Aamir and Shah Rukh (laughs). And the next day, I will say, “This is none of your business.”

Still swaying the wind two sides, Salman cleverly became the humble, victimized man – yet again.



Well played boy!



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