Salman Khan’s Bharat In Trouble For Hoisting Pakistani Flag, Locals Created Havoc

1:28 pm 19 Nov, 2018


Salman Khan and controversies go hand-in-hand in almost anything and everything, no matter whether he is hosting a show or shooting for a movie. The bhai of Bollywood always lands into something fishy. And this time too, during the shoot of his upcoming movie Bharat, which is a remake of a Korean movie, he and the makers had to face the strong wrath of some villagers.  The shoot of Bharat was planned to happen at Wagah border, but due to security reasons, the crew was not allowed to film at the location. So the film-makers decided to create the replica of the Wagah border at a village in Punjab.

The Film-makers of Bharat wanted both Indian & Pakistani flag on the replica. For the scene, they required a Pakistani flag to be hoisted and that’s how the controversy began. The local farmers, traders, and villagers were not ready for this.




The villagers were fine with the recreation of the border in the village, but hoisting a Pakistani flag on Indian soil was not acceptable for them. The villagers did not take it kindly and filed a police complaint against Salman Khan and the film-makers.



They even surrounded the sets and the hotel where Salman Khan was staying. Such displeasure from the side of locals has been seen in the past as well. I mean citizens are very sensitive and take even a cricket match with Pakistan very seriously, then how would they keep mum on a Pakistani flag on their soil.



The shoot of the movie has been completed and the team is back in Mumbai, but with a legal case against the actor Salman Khan and film-makers of Bharat. The movie directed by Ali Abbas Zafar will be released on June 5, 2019.




Movies are often get stuck into such troubles due to unintentionally hurting the sentiments of the public. We wonder what will happen next. What do you think?

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