Salman Khan Is The Worst Bollywood Actor, Says Google. Twitterati Can’t Stop Laughing!

Updated on 15 Sep, 2018 at 1:14 pm


Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar, has been under the media’s microscopic eye since the time his debut. There are umpteen reasons why Salman’s name may be mentioned in a news; some good, some bad and some baseless yet controversial. But of late, it seems like Salman has been at the receiving end of most controversies. And the latest in this category is this ‘Worst Bollywood Actor’ incident.



But first, let’s go back a little. Just a while ago there was news of Salman Khan making a comment about Ranbir Kapoor over the latter’s upcoming movie ‘Sanju’. This has led to a silent war between the two.


Salman and Ranbir together at the promotion of the movie ‘Saawariya’, way back in 2007. Source


Then there was also the incident where Rishi Kapoor apparently misbehaved with Salman’s sister-in-law leading to a tiff between the two. Read all about it here.


Actor Rishi Kapoor. Source


Then there are reports of Salman’s latest release Race 3 being trashed by Tweeple, even though the weekend still hasn’t passed.


Poster of the movie ‘Race 3’. Source


And now, there is this! It has recently been brought to the Twitterati’s notice that if one types ‘Worst Bollywood Actor’ in Google’s search bar, the result is – Salman Khan.




Well, once the arrow left the bow, there was no getting it back. Or in this case, there was no holding the Twiteratti back. Soon Twitter was flooded by the reactions on the matter; with some finding it amusing, and some others agreeing with Google. Here is what some of the tweets looked like:

Piqued curiosity for some.

Google is never wrong!

Can’t stop laughing.

Keywords spare no one.

Found inner peace with Google’s result.

They thought the screenshot was edited, but it’s true.


While there were plenty Tweeple who took a jibe at Salman, there were many others who came out defending him. Take a look at their tweets:

Google India is not trustworthy.

IMDb’s list is the culprit!


Well, it seems like the battle between haters and fans is a never-ending one. Which side are you on? Tell us in comments.