This Is How A Press Conference Against Salman Khan Ruined Actor Vivek Oberoi’s Career

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4:36 pm 7 Apr, 2018


Many of the present generations might not remember actor Vivek Oberoi but just over a decade back he was a well-known name in the Indian movie industry with a huge fan base and a bright future ahead.

In the year 2003, he had won India’s prestigious Filmfare award for his debut movie ‘Company’ and followed it with a series of hit films like ‘Saathiya,’ ‘Yuva,’ and ‘Omkara’ which were not only critically acclaimed but did commercially well in the Box Office.


Touted to be Bollywood’s next superstar, Vivek had everything going for him till a press conference changed his life and that too for the worse.

It all started with actress Aishwarya Rai entering his life and him being seen with the former Miss World at various events.



Although Aishwarya never publicly admitted that she was seeing Vivek, her closeness to him didn’t go down well with actor Salman Khan, with whom Aishwarya was having an alleged affair and had recently left for Vivek.

On March 31, 2003 Vivek Oberoi held a press conference so as to relate the events of the previous night where Salman had allegedly called him 41 times, abused him and his father, called him a bad boy and linked him to various girls.


That press conference, unfortunately, turned out to be the worse decision of his life as people from the industry started distancing themselves from Vivek and soon didn’t want to work with him as it would mean that they will get their name written in the bad books of Salman Khan.



The cold shoulder treatment started to work as well, as, despite his past record and good work, Vivek soon had no work and even Aishwarya had parted ways with him.

His brave and right act backfired heavily on him and his career and despite him publicly apologizing to Salman he was never forgiven nor given a chance to make it big in the Bollywood industry.

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